A curated list of interesting and informative stuff from all around the Internet. I’ve only added what I’ve used myself. Obscurity is a plus for inclusion here.


Christian Faith


  • DBeaver Cross-platform database client app. As long as there’s a JDBC driver you can connect to it with this.
  • Elasticsearch Distributed storage, API, and search engine for fast searching.
  • PostgreSQL General-purpose database with great documentation.
  • Presto Distributed query engine for analytical workloads that can talk to many kinds of common data sources.

Developer Toolbelt

  • Electron Build cross-platform (Mac, Windows, Linux) desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • GNU awk A powerful and way under appreciated text processing tool.
  • GNU Core Utilities (coreutils) The must-know command-line utilities for file, shell, and text manipulation.
  • Gnuplot Open source graphing tools. Turns numbers into pictures.
  • Jekyll Static site generator written in Ruby.
  • React A JavaScript framework with some staying power.
  • Ruby on Rails The best way to write web apps to get up and running quickly and get you pretty far too.
  • TypeScript Saner way to write JavaScript, designed to scale to make larger projects maintainable. Compiles to JavaScript.


  • Khan Academy Learn anything at your own pace.
  • Harkness Method Sit kids around in a circle and let them actively grapple with ideas instead of being lectured to.

Investing and Business Strategy

  • Berkshire Shareholder Letters Folksy wisdom about long-term investing.
  • Borsa App to make it much easier to listen to public company earnings calls.
  • Robinhood Buy and sell stocks for free. Modern product experience too.
  • Stratechery Analysis of the strategy and business side of technology and media, and the impact of technology on society from.
  • Tren Griffin
  • Wealthfront A place to roll your 401k over. Automatic reinvesting of dividends and rebalancing.


Open Source Tools

  • Apache Directory Studio Cross-platform LDAP client for desktop.
  • Visual Studio Code A really good code editor.
  • Redmine Decent open source project management software, with issue tracking, wiki, and integration with version control.
  • Jupyter Create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and narrative text.

Privacy and Security

  • FastMail Paid email service with IMAP, calendars, and credentials specific for each client app. Also fast.
  • LastPass Password manager to keep track of different passwords for different sites. Includes client-side password generators and a generous free tier.
  • Mozilla Firefox Privacy focused web browser.
  • Private Internet Access VPN service you can pay for with gift cards. Great for traveling and connecting to WiFi from untrusted public networks.
  • ProtonMail Secure email service, based in Switzerland, with client-side encryption and decryption.

Productivity SaaS

  • Basecamp No-nonsense project management software.
  • Datadog Monitoring and pretty graphs. Ship your metrics and logs to them, and build visual graphs and set up alerts.
  • GitHub Hosted Git repositories and more. Market leader.
  • GitLab Hosted Git repositories and more. Impressive up and comer. Use if you don’t like Microsoft.
  • New Relic Insights into your running software, with minimal configuration.
  • Notion Well-designed, all-in-one productivity tool. Notes, to-do lists, Kanban boards. I use it for notes.
  • Pinboard Bookmarking site that does the job. Run by one guy. Low overhead and profitable.
  • Trello Kanban board for tracking progress on work items.

Retro/Alternative Computing

  • ArcaOS Continuation of OS/2.
  • Haiku Open-source BeOS.
  • MATE Desktop Preservation of GNOME 2 desktop environment on Linux. None of this converged touchscreen stuff. All in on the traditional desktop metaphor.
  • PCjs Neat emulator with old OS/2, Windows 95, and DOS demos entirely in JavaScript. Runs on mobile browsers too.
  • ReactOS Clean room open source implementation of Windows. Rough around the edges but admirable ambition and results.
  • SerenityOS From-scratch OS described as a love letter to ’90s user interfaces, with a custom Unix-like core. Written by basically one guy.

Software Engineering and Architecture