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There’s even syntax highlighting for code samples. Neat.

# Headers
res['Set-Cookie']            # => String
res.get_fields('set-cookie') # => Array
res.to_hash['set-cookie']    # => Array
puts "Headers: #{res.to_hash.inspect}"

This is where an opinionated hot take might begin. Maybe I’ll get to it someday. Static websites are pretty cool. They take a lot of the worries out of the process, I’ll tell you that much. When you don’t have to worry about building and maintaining dynamic websites, you’re freed up to focus on the content. Or think about other crazy things, or just tinker with different ways to generate your own unique identifiers like 9kQr9bN.

How about images?

My helpful screenshot

Neat! Now how about a PlantUML diagram?

Neato diagram

And tables. We really can’t forget about the presentation of tabular data.

Project Name Business Value (1-5) Difficulty (1-5)
Burrito 3 4
Enchilada 1 2
Sope 5 1